The Gschliesser-Seeber family welcomes you ...

... to one of the most wonderful family hotels in Racines/Ratschings!

This wonderful family hotel in Racines/Ratschings is managed by the second generation, Juliane and Markus Gschliesser-Seeber, and is an extremely comfortable 4-star hotel with charm and flair.

The Gschliesser-Seeber family, mum Maria, dad Franz, daughter Juliane and her husband Markus, lovingly take care of the guests' welfare and ensure with a passion and typical South Tyrolean hospitality that you instantly feel welcome and at home here.

Juliane's skilled hand with which she tends to the hotel's decoration with a love of detail is noticeable throughout the hotel and she welcomes guests even before their holiday with a few friendly words on the phone. She mainly works in the office and processes the bookings and correspondence as well as providing all kinds of information.

Her husband Markus mainly takes care of the bar and service and always has a friendly word for guests. He is also a bit of a wine connoisseur and is therefore the best person to talk to if you would like a wine recommended to accompany your meal in the evening.

Juliane's parents, who opened Hotel Seeber originally, are also hoteliers with heart and soul. Mum Maria takes care of the breakfast in the morning and nurtures the magnificent flowers in front of the hotel in the summer. Dad Franz makes sure that the hotel keeps up to date and is the expert in terms of hiking and tour suggestions.

Everyone plays their part and pulls together and they are all down-to-earth and genuine. And that is precisely why the 4-star Hotel Seeber in South Tyrol impresses across the board. Spend your holiday at Hotel Seeber,one of the best family hotels in South Tyrol, and enjoy the personal service and sincerity of your host family, the Gschliesser-Seebers, who meet your needs and welcome you to Racines/Ratschings like old friends.


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Hotel Seeber
  • Seeber Family
  • Racines di dentro/ Via Colle 9
  • I-39040 Racines
  • T +39 0472 659111
  • F +39 0472 659216
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