Winter hiking through snow-covered countryside

Soothe your soul

Winter hiking in magical snow-covered countryside is something really wonderful. Stomping over white glittering paths, enjoying the tranquillity outdoors surrounded by nature and the seclusion, breathing in the cold mountain air and forgetting about everything else, that is what makes winter hiking such a relaxing winter activity.

Our hotel in Racines/Ratschings, Hotel Seeber, is a great starting point for setting off on beautiful winter hikes. We have put together a few suggestions for you and will provide you with other tips and advice on winter hiking at any time.

To the Kalcheralm

This leisurely hike starts at the top station of the Racines-Giovo/Ratschings-Jaufen gondola near the bottom station of the Rinneralm chair lift and takes you to the Kalcheralm where you can refuel after this 1.5 hour hike through snow-covered countryside. You can get to the top station and back down to the valley again the same way.

Panorama hike to Platschjoch

From the Racines-Giovo/Ratschings-Jaufen gondola top station you can hike leisurely to the Kalcheralm where you can enjoy a snack and recharge your batteries. Afterwards carry on to the Passo di Monte Giovo/Jaufenpass road and on to Platschjoch, which you reach after a winter hike that takes roughly 3.5 hours. You can get back the same way.

Innere Wumblsalm

You can enjoy the snow-covered countryside during a winter hike on the trail to the Innere Wumblsalm. This stunning, 4.5-hour hike starts between Vallettina/Flading and Colle/Bichl, where Hotel Seeber is situated. On the forest route hike up the mountain through the forest and over the glittering fields to the mountain pasture and then take the same route back.

To Vallettina/Flading

Enjoy the countryside, soak up the sun and relax during a winter hike. This roughly 4-hour hike to Vallettina/Flading, which starts in Colle/Bichl and leads into the valley along a sunny slope is ideal for this. After 2 hours passing several farms and over fields covered in deep snow you reach Vallettina/Flading and then return to your hotel in Racines/Ratschings, Hotel Seeber, the same way.

Spend a wonderful, leisurely time winter hiking in Racines/Ratschings and the surrounding area and round off these magical winter days quietly with culinary delights from our gourmet cuisine or in the cosy warm spa oasis with indoor pool and sauna


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