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Anyone who likes mountain tours will love the region around Racines/Ratschings and Hotel Seeber. As there are a number of challenging, extremely attractive mountain hikes and excursion destinations in the direct vicinity and further afield here in South Tyrol that have a great deal to offer and are interesting and varied.

We have put together a small selection of mountain tours and excursion destinations in South Tyrol for you here. If you would like any other tips and recommendations then simply enquire at reception or ask Franz Seeber, we will be happy to advise you on selecting the right tour.

Mountain tours

Hohe Kreuzspitze

The hamlet of Vallettina/Flading is roughly 5 km into the valley and is the starting point for this mountain tour, which takes a good 6 hours. Climb up to the Klammalm on trail no. 12, then turn left and climb the Jöchl over rocky terrain, which is below the eastern ridge of the Hohe Kreuzspitze (2,470 m). The challenging mountain hike now continues over steep rocks, some of which have to be climbed up until you reach the summit cross.
Return on the marked trail no. 12, which goes steeply downhill to Butzsee lake in parts and from there continue on trail 12 to the Klammalm and back to Vallettina/Flading.


This mountain tour which takes roughly 5 hours starts at the fire station in Ridanna/Ridnaun. Trail no. 29 leads to the Zunderspitzhütte and the Geweingesalm, from where you continue hiking up to the Zunderspitze. The way back leads from the Gewingesalm on trail 29A to the Martalm and from there on trail no. 22 back to the fire station.


Trail no. 27 starts in Masseria/Maiern in Ridanna/Ridnaun Valley and it leads very steeply past the Prischeralm (also called Hofer Alm) and up to Allrisjoch from where you can reach the Wetterspitze summit. Take the same way back as the way there for this tour which takes a good 6.5 hours.

Hohe Ferse

First of all head into the valley to Vallettina/Flading (end of the valley) from Colle/Bichl. From there hike through the forest, turn off onto trail no. 13A until you reach the Klammalm. To the right the trail leads past a waterfall and continues steeply up the mountain to the Gleckalm mountain huts. From here trails lead eastwards up to the ridge and then very steeply on up to the summit. Return over the eastern ridge, the Racines/Ratschings saddle and the southern flank down into the valley to Vallettina/Flading and back to the hotel.


Burkhardklamm in Masseria/Maiern

This unique gorge is located at the end of the Ridanna/Ridnaun Valley and can be reached from the museum in Masseria/Maiern in approx. 45 minutes. It is really worth visiting the Burkhardklamm because there are some incredibly beautiful waterfalls to admire here. The trail into the gorge leads along the rock face and you cross the thundering masses of water on bridges, an exciting adventure for the whole family.

Lago del Forno/Pfurnsee

This enchanting lake is situated at the end of the Ridanna/Ridnaun Valley and is one of the most stunning excursions in South Tyrol and the area. The South Tyrolean mountains are reflected in the blue water and this spot is ideal for a cosy intimate picnic: the almost untouched landscape provides a magical backdrop.

Lago di Massaro/Moarer Egetsee

This lake is one of seven lakes that are situated at the end of the Ridanna/Ridnaun Valley or in the Lazzach Valley. Spend a peaceful, entertaining time by the lake and enjoy the view of the calming waters and surrounding mountain peaks.


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