Mountain bike tours and e-bikes

Leisurely or sporty through South Tyrol

For those among you who like taking on challenging mountain bike tours there are some extremely interesting trails here in Racines/Ratschings which will definitely meet your requirements. Here, where the terrain is rather steep, mountain bikers are stretched and can really put their fitness to the test.

However, leisurely bikers also don't get a raw deal here around Hotel Seeber, as they can loan out e-bikes from three hire shops in Racines/Ratschings, for example at the gondola bottom station right opposite the hotel, and comfortably cycle out of the valley to Vitipeno/Sterzing, where they can cycle on well signposted cycle paths wherever their legs take them.

Mountain bike tours

Racines/Ratschings panorama tour

This mountain bike tour starts in Colle/Bichl in Racines/Ratschings, just a few metres away from Hotel Seeber. Ride to Pulvererhof, take a sharp left and then cycle up the mountain on the forest trail past the Kaserlicht Alm and up to the Wasserfaller Alm. The high altitude trail now takes you past mountain pastures to the Kalcherlam and then off to the left just before the Passo di Monte Giovo/Jaufenpass road. On this trail you cross the pass road several times and reach Calice/Kalch, where you turn left and enter the forest over the meadows. You then return to Colle/Bichl on the Racines/Ratschings valley trail.

To Steingarten near Stanga/Stange

This leisurely mountain bike tour leads out of the valley to Stanga/Stange, where you follow the signs to Steingarten. Cycle along the stream where you can take a really pleasant, stunning break. Once you have arrived at Steingarten, you can read everything you need to know about the different rocks and stones in South Tyrol on the information boards.
Anyone who fancies it can cycle to Mareta/Mareit on the cycle path from Stanga/Stange and spend their mountain bike tour visiting Castel/Schloss Wolfsthurn. Otherwise you return to Hotel Seeber on the Racines/Ratschings valley trail where you are then well and truly spoilt and pampered.

To Platschjoch

A mountain bike tour for experts – it takes more than four hours to reach the Platschjoch. From Colle/Bichl you first of all head out of the valley to Casateia/Gasteig where the actual tour through the Giovo/Jaufen valley begins. You head towards the Jaufenhaus mountain inn via Schluppes and then after pushing the bike for a little bit you reach a mountain ridge with a breathtaking view where the mountain bike tour then takes you to Platschjoch. From here you continue towards Jaufenstraße then on to Kalcheralm and finally Rinneralm. You get back to Hotel Seeber on the forest road.

To the Moarerbergalm

With its length of approx. 14 km and a difference in altitude of 700 m this is a mountain bike tour of medium difficulty. You can easily combine it with a hike from the Poschhaus to the old mining colony of San Martino Monteneve/St. Martin am Schneeberg (2,335 m) via the Kaindljoch.
The starting point for this mountain bike tour is the mine world of Ridanna-Monteneve/Ridnaun-Schneeberg in Masseria/Maiern. From here, follow the paved road, which at first is quite steep but then gets more even. Turn left at the bridge and follow the signs to the Moarerbergalm. Behind the Poschhaus ruins turn right and you will reach the alpine hut after approx. 200 m.

To the Alpe di Telves/Telfer Almen

This tour is approx. 26 km long, starting from the parking place at the Montecavallo/Rosskopf ropeway in Vipiteno/Sterzing and taking you up to Montecavallo/Rosskopf – a long and demanding ascent which will however repay you with a fantastic view.
From the ropeway’s parking place follow the sign for Raminges 19/Rosskopf 23 and bike uphill on asphalt cement towards Tunes-Telves/Thuins-Telfes. At the second turn (near Telves/Telfes) bike straight ahead, past the Haus Rainer and on to the gravel road in direction Montecavallo/Rosskopf.
Follow the forest path for approx. 6 km, get past the Furlhütte, turn left to the Sterzingerhaus (CAI/AVS South Tyrol) and follow the hiking path to the Sternhütte. All huts and inns are open during the summer and are the perfect place to take a break and get something to eat.
From the Sternhütte follow the path no. 23 to the Kuhalm, continue to the Ochsenalm and start the descent, which will lead you past the Freundalm via the Atscherwiesen meadows back to Telves/Telfes. From there you can follow the asphalt road to Mareta/Mareit or return to the starting point in Vipiteno/Sterzing. This tour takes about 2.5 hours.

E-bike tours

Racines/Ratschings circular valley tour

On your e-bike, get set, go! This easy tour for leisurely cyclists starts from the e-bike hire in Colle/Bichl in Racines/Ratschings, right opposite our hotel. Cycle along the road out of the valley until the Jaufenstein restaurant and then into the valley again this time on the Racines/Ratschings valley trail to Hotel Larcherhof and then back to the starting point again.

Racines-Giovo/Ratschings-Jaufen gondola top station

The starting point for this e-bike tour is the bike hire shop in Colle/Bichl in Racines/Ratschings. From here cycle to Reaserhof and then up to the gondola top station on the forest trail. This tour is slightly challenging and requires a certain level of fitness due to the climbs. From the top you can set off for various mountain pastures, go back the same way again or return to the valley by gondola.

To the Äußere Wumblsalm

Start this moderately difficult e-bike tour in Colle/Bichl, right opposite Hotel Seeber. From here cycle to Larchhof and Pulvererhof and then follow the forest road to Äußere Wumblsalm. After a well-earned rest go back the same way.

Spend an entertaining and challenging sporty mountain bike holiday here in Racines/Ratschings and use the terrain's great climbs to push yourself to your personal limits and go beyond them, that's precisely what our mountain bike tour suggestions are for!


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