A hiking holiday in South Tyrol

For pleasure seekers and families

A hiking holiday in South Tyrol is a unique opportunity to explore almost untouched nature and at the same time get to know the mountains of the Stubai Alps surrounding the Hotel Seeber in Racines/Ratschings. As is there anything more wonderful than being active in the fresh air in summer, having a magical view over the surrounding valleys and enjoying life to the full?

You can arrange your hiking holiday so that the wishes of every family member are met, as here there are both challenging tours of the peaks and leisurely family hikes that are all fun. Our guests can look forward to numerous free guided hikes. For more information, please ask at reception!

MountainAdventureWorld – a highlight for children

You can get up to the Racines-Giovo/Ratschings-Jaufen top station using the Racines-Giovo/Ratschings-Jaufen gondola, which is located opposite Hotel Seeber. The MountainAdventureWorld is located here, an exciting hiking trail for the whole family, which provides unforgettable experiences for the children in the World of Marmots, World of Ants, Squirrel's View, Forest Adventure and much more. Immerse yourselves in this alpine fun together – admission is free!

Barefoot trail

The Pulvererhof is a little bit further into the valley. Here you can walk a 400 m long barefoot trail towards Vallettina/Flading on the Racines/Ratschings valley path and feel different natural materials like sand, wood and stones under your feet. An entertaining experience on your hiking holiday in South Tyrol!

A leisurely family hike

From the town of Stanga/Stange at the start of Val Ridanna/Ridnauntal follow the signs towards Mareta/Mareit and trail no. 4A to the forest, turn left there over a bridge and then follow marked trail 9 to Mareta/Mareit where you can take a rest and enjoy a snack in one of the restaurants.
Carry on up to Castello Mareta/Schloss Mareit to the east entrance, which is at the same time the entrance to the Hunting Museum. If you walk around the castle you reach an avenue which leads to the castle pond. You soon reach the fallow deer enclosure and then a nature trail which reveals interesting information for both adults and children. This path leads through the forest and along the stream back to Mareta/Mareit again.

Racines/Ratschings Almenweg

Take the Racines-Giovo/Ratschings-Jaufen gondola up to the top station where you then follow trail no. 19B to the Wasserfaller Alm, from there follow trail no. 19A to the fork with trail no. 15 to the Äußere Wumblsalm. From here continue to the Innere Wumblsalm and continuously follow trail no. 15 to the Klammalm, where you meet trail no. 12 and then follow this until you arrive in Vallettina/Flading.

Racines/Ratschings valley trail to Gilfenklamm

From Colle/Bichl, where our hotel is, hike on the Racines/Ratschings valley trail out of the valley until Pardaun and then take the circular trail back again to Colle/Bichl. The Gilfenklamm offers adults and children an unforgettable natural spectacle with wild waters, bridges and steep tracks that lead over the gorge. Be enchanted!

Family hike to the Rinneralm

Take the Racines-Giovo cable car to the mountain station and follow the trail in direction Rinneralm and Kalcheralm. Taking the forest path, you will reach the Rinneralm in about 15 minutes walk. From here you can continue to the Kalcheralm, if you like (approx. 1 hour walk).

Enjoy your hiking holiday in South Tyrol to the full and use the ideal location next to the Racines-Giovo/Ratschings-Jaufen gondola for unforgettable family hikes and long mountain tours in the Stubai Alps. 


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